How to Use Metal Drywall Studs

What You'll Need
Metal Wall Studs
Tin Snip
Tape Measure
1/2 Inch Self Tapping Pan Head Screws
1 Inch Drywall Screws
Concrete Anchors
Plumb Bob

Using metal drywall studs is something that is becoming more and more popular with new renovations. These lightweight metal studs are easy to work with and very durable. These metal wall studs will retain their shape, do not warp, and will not rot. They are put together very easily, as they are basically a "U" shaped channel. The studs fit into the top and bottom sills and are secured with sheet metal screws. Using metal studs to hang drywall is a very easy process. Here are the steps for using metal studs so you can use them for your home remodel.

Step 1: Measure for Top and Bottom Plates

Start to work with the metal studs by measuring the length of the floor where the wall is going to go. Make sure to also measure the ceiling too, as it may be a little different if your walls are bowed a little. 

Step 2: Install Top and Bottom Plates

Once the measurements are taken, transfer them over to the metal studs. Use as many as you need to make up the entire distance. Start with the bottom first and drive 1 inch drywall screws into the metal stud and wooden floor. If the floor is concrete, you will need to use some concrete anchors instead. 

If you need to cut the metal studs to make them fit the length of your floor, you will need to use some tin snips. There is only a back and two sides for these metal studs. Because of that, you can cut the two sides where you need to and then work the metal back and forth until it breaks off. 

Use a plumb bob and line up the top plate for the wall. Secure the top plate with 1 inch drywall screws driven into the joists. Make sure to continually check the top and bottom for plumb along the length of the wall. 

Step 3: Measure Height of Wall

Once the top and bottom sill plates are installed, you can then begin to install the metal studs. Start at the end of the wall and measure from top to bottom. Transfer this measurement to a metal stud and cut it to the right size. 

Step 4: Install First Metal Stud

With the metal stud cut to size, it can be installed in the channel between the top and bottom plate. Stand the stud into the position with the sides facing front to back. Use a drill and drive a 1/2 inch self tapping pan head screw into the bottom here the plate and the stud meet. Drive another screw on the other side. Make sure the metal stud is level and drive a screw into the top plate on each side. 

Step 5: Finish Installing Metal Studs

From the first metal wall stud, continue to install each one on a 16 inch on center interval. This means that from the center of one stud to the center of another, there should be 16 inches. Continue this until the end. If the distance from the next to last wall stud to the last stud is not 16 inches, that is alright. Once they are all installed, they are ready for drywall installation.