How to Use Peat Moss To Level Your Yard

What You'll Need
A Garden hose or a watering can
A lawn aerator tool or a pair of cleated shoes
A wheelbarrow (or something similar)
Leaf rake
A metal ruler

You can easily level your yard by using peat moss. Peat moss gives soil the nutrients it lacks so that you can grow healthier plants or grass. Lawns can have thin spots which can be fixed by adding peat moss to the top soil as well as sprinkling addition seeds for germination. The end result will be a more leveled yard. It is not that difficult to apply peat moss properly but you have to follow certain procedures. Here are the basic steps.

Step 1: Aerating the Yard (Preparing the Area)

The first thing to do is to expose the area where you are going to apply the peat moss. The reason to do this is to loosen soil particles for the better penetration of peat moss. Put on the cleated shoes and walk on the area to be aerated. Try to keep a steady pace and don’t press your foot too much. If this method isn’t for you just use a yard (or lawn) aerator to expose the intended area.

Step 2:  Seeding Over the Exposed Area

Now sprinkle the seeds all over this particular space. Make sure that you cover the whole area. Do not worry about over-seeding because this will be balanced out by the peat moss. Once the spreading of seed is done grab the garden hose and set it to shower and spray onto the newly seeded area. Alternatively you can use a watering can instead of the garden hose.

Step 3: Preparing the Peat Moss

Put all of your peat moss onto a wheelbarrow or something similar. It is very important to have a wheel type of transportation otherwise you will lose precious time and energy carrying peat moss, which is quite heavy. Try to break the peat moss into small pieces until it resembles dirt, preferably do this while the peat moss is in the wheelbarrow. It is very important to break the peat moss otherwise it will not penetrate the soil properly.

Step 4: Adding the Peat Moss

Now with your hands, spread the peat moss evenly over the area. Spread ¼ to ½ inch of peat moss onto the soil. If you are working on a relatively big area, use a shovel and try to flatten it accordingly. Now to flatten the peat moss properly, use a garden rake. Once you are done, dip the metal ruler into the area to check the layer level. Repeat this step periodically to check the soil layer level, making sure it stays level throughout.

This simple procedure will provide adequate soil depth in your yard for healthy growing grass. In time your yard may develop bare patches due to disease, dryness, lack of soil nutrients etc. Therefore if you check it often, keeping an eye for any unwanted changes and maintaining it regularly, you should enjoy a lush yard all year round.