How to Use Rocks to Control Weeds

Weeds are a perpetual problem wherever there is a garden. It would have been so simple if we could have just tilled the soil, put plants in it and watched the lovely blooms grow. Unfortunately, there is a major problem when weeds set in. If they're ignored or left unattended, they can really create havoc and destroy the garden.

While there are many ways of controlling weeds, one of the most basic ones is to cover your flowerbed with a fabric specially made for landscapes, available at the garden center or in your local quarry. Lay rocks or tree bark over the fabric to prevent weeds from cropping up.

Step 1: Purchase Rocks

Rocks have many advantages, one of them being that they don’t get blown off with strong winds each time there is a storm. This is all the more important if your flowerbed is located in an open area of a windy place.

Rocks are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. Tell the sales person at the garden center what you want your rocks for and give the measurement of the flowerbed. He will provide the exact amount you need. The following steps will show how to place the rocks on your flowerbeds to control weeds.

Step 2: Determine Size of Area to Be Covered

Make a map of the garden or flowerbed to be covered with rock. Take the exact measurements as well, and show it to the salesperson for the landscape fabric and the rock for the whole garden or flowerbed.

Step 3: Prepare Area and Install Rocks

Level the flowerbed until it's flat and even. Lay the landscape fabric over it and secure the edges of the cloth properly with stakes. Cut small holes in the fabric for any existing plants already in the flowerbed.

Once the fabric is in place, shovel the rocks on top of the fabric. Once you pile them there, rake the rocks so they are evenly distributed in the flowerbed.

Step 4: Water the Flowerbed

When the rocks are evenly spread out, water the flowerbed lightly to wash the rocks and help them settle in place.

Step 5: Add New Plants

Make sure the existing plants are safe in the flowerbed and you have placed the rocks around them. If you want to plant or add new plants, lay aside the rocks and cut the landscape fabric in that specific spot. Stick the plant into the ground that you've uncovered. Cover the rest of the area with the fabric and rocks again, and water the new plant. Feed the plants some mulch for extra strength, and water as often as required. The rocks should prevent the weeds from attacking, and if there are some that do manage to come, they will not last long because the fabric and rock combination will prevent it from getting enough sunlight.

Remember that rocks can discourage the weeds, but can’t totally eliminate them from attacking the plants. Rocks look decorative and can protect the plants from all kind of weeds. They're easy to keep clean and don’t need extra filling or weeding.