How to Use Squirrel Bait

A squirrel in winter.

Using squirrel bait to get rid of a pest can be accomplished with either poison or a live trap. The grey squirrel is one of the most common rodents found in the Unites States. It inhabits at least 2/3 of the nation and although named “grey,” it comes in colors from white to black and all shades between. They can easily become pests in your yard eating from a bird feeder or attacking a vegetable garden or other plants.

Poison Bait

Poisonous bait intended to kill squirrels is usually reserved for commercial farms or garden, flower, and plant large scale growing operations. The bait consists of a combination of chlorophacinone and diphacinone. Spread out clean grain (rolled oats) allowing the squirrels to acclimate to the bait. After two to three days, place the grain mixed with squirrel poison bait in the same areas where the clean grain was eaten. Apply a tablespoon of bait per each location. Check to see if 90% has been eaten. If not, repeat the process until 90% is consumed.

Live Bait

Homeowners can use a live bait trap to snare a pesky squirrel for relocation. Place a small dish with any of the following at the end of the live trap. Use cereal, grains, nuts, sunflower seeds, popcorn, or mix some peanut butter with oatmeal or molasses.