How to Use Trailer Jacks

What You'll Need
Wrench (May be required to release pin)

Trailer jacks will be necessary if you plan on hauling your heavy vehicle any distance. Loading a boat or large vehicle on to the trailer is simple, but getting the loaded trailer connected to the hitch can be tricky. This is too heavy for you to simply pick up. This is why a trailer jack is vital. These are different than car jacks, and will take some time to learn to use properly.

Step 1 - Set Up the Jack

A trailer jack is a diamond shaped piece of metal with beams that will extend out. One beam will make contact with the ground. Set up the jack by removing the release pin found towards the bottom, and allowing the base beam to drop until it makes contact.

Step 2 - Jack it Up

Use the jack mechanism to crank the trailer up. You want the trailer and the vehicle to line up with the tongue on the trailer.

Step 3 - Attach the Trailer

With the trailer in a jacked up position, you can crank it down until it fits on the hitch. Once in this position, you can seat it, and connect the trailer to the jack to tow your vehicle.