How to Wash a Second Story Window and Screen

Second storey window screens can be a problem to wash. If they can be removed from inside the house the job is much easier. Cleaning second storey windows is not so problematical but depends a great deal on the window.

Step 1 – Using a Ladder

The typical way to wash a second storey window is to climb a ladder to do it. Make sure the ladder is long enough to reach the window comfortably. When you set the ladder up make sure that it is vertical to the base of the house and at a comfortable distance from the wall at the bottom. If the ladder is not vertical you must place a support under the low side.

  • Climb the ladder and remove the screen. Bring the screen down the ladder and wash it thoroughly in soapy water. Give the screen a rinse with clean water then set it to one side to dry while you clean the window.
  • Climb the ladder and take a bucket of soapy water with you and a hook to hang it from the top rung. Return for a squeegee or cloth to wash the window and a cloth to dry it.
  • Wash the window, dry it and then replace the screen.

Step 2- Cleaning Sliding Windows from Inside the House

Sliding windows can be cleaned using a sponge/squeegee on a short handle. It might also be possible to remove the screen from inside the house. Open each side of the window alternately and wash the outside with the sponge and squeegee the window dry. With the right length of handle you should not need to hang out of the window at all.

Step 3 – Cleaning Sash Windows from Inside the House

Sash windows that are to be cleaned from inside the house should be fitted with hooks to which a safety harness can be attached. Screens on sash windows generally cannot be removed from inside the house.

  • Fit the harness and sit on the window sill facing into the house.
  • Lower one of the sashes so that it rests on your thighs and wash it with a sponge and dry with a lint free cloth.
  • Lower the second window and wash and dry that in the same way.

Step 4 – Using Magnetic Squeegees

It is possible to clean first storey windows using a pair of magnetic squeegees. These squeegees consist of a sponge that can be soaked with soapy water and a scraper blade that will clear the water from the window. The magnetic squeegees are tied together in case one comes adrift. To use them you simply have to put one squeegee on the outside of the window and the second inside the window. The magnets hold the squeegees together so that they move in the same way. The squeegees are dragged across the window surface in a regular pattern so that the sponge moves first, washing the window and is followed by the scraper blade to remove the water.

The best results are obtained using a ladder. The magnetic squeegees are effective but they tend to leave streaks where excess water has flowed down the window and on to the wall.