How to Wash Paint Remover

What You'll Need
Washcloth (with bucket)
Mineral spirits

Paint remover, or paint stripper, is a potent chemical solvent that works best on latex-based paints. Almost all commercial paint removers that you buy have been specifically designed so that it can be washed away with water after it has liquefied the paint.

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Step 1: Let Paint Remover Dry Fully

Paint remover works by liquefying the coat or coats of paint that you are trying to remove. Depending on the number of coats there are, this can take between 10 minutes and 12 hours to complete. You will know that this step is complete when the paint begins to "curdle" and fall off the object's finish.

Step 2: Wash Away Excess Paint Remover With Water

Most of the paint remover should have been nullified by the reaction it had with the paint. If there is stil extra paint left on the surface, simply take a damp washcloth and wipe away the excess amount, rinsing throughly and frequently as you work.

Step 3: Use Ethanol or Mineral Spirits if Water is Unusable

If the paint remover specifically warns against using water, try filling your bucket with ethanol or mineral spirits instead. Again, make sure to rinse your cloth often and thoroughly.

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