How to Wash Satin Sheets

What You'll Need
Satin Sheets
Delicate Laundry Cleaner
Washing Machine
Clothes Line

Before you begin learning how to wash satin sheets there are a few things you should know about satin. There are two different kinds of satin. You should learn which kind you have before you begin to wash them because it will make a big difference. As long as you wash your sheets as recommended, you can expect to have them for a very long time.

Step 1 – Determine The Type of Satin

To check to see what kind of satin sheets you have, simply check the manufacturer tag on the hem or bottom side of the sheet. If your satin includes polyester or nylon, then it can be machine washed and dried. If your satin sheets also contain acetate or silk, then you will have the unfortunate duty of washing them by hand. Luckily, washing them by hand isn’t as difficult or time consuming as you would originally think. If you cannot find the tag that specifies what kind of satin sheets you have, use the silk or acetate satin sheet directions.

Step 2 – Washing

If you have silk or acetate satin sheets then you can either have them dry cleaned or hand wash them yourself. Hand washing them will save you some money while getting them dry cleaned will save you some time. Be sure that you have a laundry detergent that is designed specifically for delicate fabrics. You will need to hand wash your sheets in cool water.

If you happen to have satin with polyester or nylon included, simply place them in your washer on the delicate cycle. The same type of laundry detergent is needed regardless of if you are hand washing or machine washing your sheets.

Step 3 – Drying

Drying your silk or acetate satin sheets involves wringing them out individually. Be sure not to twist them too tight. This could damage your satin’s sensitive weave. You will then hang up your sheets. A clothes line outside that is not in the full sun is ideal. If you do not have a clothes line or if you do and it is in the sun there are other substitutes. You can hang your silk or acetate satin sheets up on your shower rod or even on tables and chairs. Just make sure that they are not near any windows with direct sun as this can still harm the fabric.

If you happen to have the polyester and nylon satin sheets then you will need to set your dryer. There should be a ‘low heat’ or ‘no heat’ section on your dryer. Check on your sheets about every fifteen minutes or so to keep them from getting tangled.