How to Wash Shower Curtains

It’s important to know how to wash shower curtains. There are several different kinds of shower curtains and each may need separate types of care to ensure that they are cleaned properly. Cleaning your shower curtain will ensure that your bath tub area is kept clean and healthy. Below are some hints and tips on how to properly clean the various kinds of shower curtains.

Plastic Shower Curtains

Before you begin to wash your plastic shower curtain you should first turn on your shower and allow the hot water to hit the curtain for a few minutes to loosen up all the soap scum and mold. Allow the excess water to drip out into the tub before unhooking your shower curtain. Once you have done this you will need to take it to your washer. Be sure that the dirty side is facing out. Place your shower curtain in the bottom of your dryer and add your dirty linens in with it. Adding linens will prevent your shower curtain from becoming damaged. Wash your shower curtain in hot water and on the largest load possible. Do this until it is clean. Keep in mind that you will only be able to wash your plastic shower curtain in the washer no more than five times. Hang your shower curtain back up to dry.

Other Types of Shower Curtains

For a cheap shower curtain you will want to make sure to wash it in cold water, while a vinyl shower curtain should be washed in warm. Follow the same steps above for the plastic shower curtain, with the exception of the water temperature. Never place a shower curtain in the dryer, as it will melt it.

If you do not wish to put your shower curtains in the shower then you can simply get bleach spray, a scrubber, and go to work on it by hand. This may take a little longer and require more effort, but can be just as effective.


There are a few steps to take to keep the shower curtain cleaner. Whenever you get out of the shower, be sure to close your shower curtain. This way your shower curtain will not be folded upon itself and mold will have less chance to grow. You can also spot clean your shower curtains. Get bathroom cleaner and a washcloth or sponge and scrub at it at least once every couple of weeks. Once a week you should spray the cleaner in the bathroom and run hot water in your shower for a few minutes.

Try to keep your entire bathtub clean, as this will in turn keep your shower curtain cleaner. If your bathtub has residue it will rub off on your shower curtain. Keeping the entire area clean is the best way to prevent mold and mildew on your shower curtain.