How to Waterproof a Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom vanity cabinet is one of the common fixtures in a bathroom, and they range from the very expensive to more modest self-built items. If you are creating a bathroom vanity from scratch, there will come a point when you will need to waterproof the cabinet in order to ensure that the material you use does not become water-logged, attracting mold and rot into your bathroom.

Waterproofing a Bathroom Vanity

The quickest way to waterproof a bathroom vanity is by using a water-resistant finish on to the surface of the cabinet. These can be bought at all good home improvement stores, but you will need to prepare the cabinet before applying the water-resistant finish.

Firstly, remove any old finishes that are on the bathroom vanity, including paints and polish. Next, check that the cabinet is properly sealed. If necessary, use caulk around the edges of any fixtures (such as a sink, or faucets) to ensure that water cannot enter the bathroom cabinet in that way. Sand the wood, and then apply the water-resistant finish.

You can prepare the wood by applying a base-coat of special polish if you wish, but two coats of the water-resistant coating should be enough to ensure that the bathroom cabinet is now waterproof.