How to Waterproof Canvas Boat Covers

The sun, water and other elements can damage outdoor fabrics, including canvas boat covers. It is important that you know how to waterproof materials so that you can make your fabrics last longer. There are several ways you can waterproof boat covers made from canvas which is easy to do.

Clean the Boat Cover

An important step to waterproofing canvas boat covers is to clean it properly first. Hose the canvas down with water and scrub it using a soft fabric brush. Using a mild detergent, scrub off any stains or dirt from the cover. Do not use hot water to clean the canvas because it will ruin the material. Once you have cleaned the cover, let it air dry.

Waterproofing Using Wax

Wax is a traditional way of waterproofing any material. To use wax, spread out the boat cover on a smooth surface. Rub the block of wax onto the material until you have covered all areas. For hard to reach areas, like the welts and corners, shave small pieces of wax and rub it on these areas. Rub the wax over and under the welts and push it onto the corners.

Waterproofing Using Treatment

If you are using waterproofing products, be sure you work in a well-ventilated area. Spray the product onto the canvas and let it dry for a few hours. It is important to avoid alchohol products or products that contain silicone.