How to Wax a Black Car

If you own a black car you know that waxing a black car is a must to protect the finish. Most people confuse waxing with polishing, but they are not the same procedure nor do they accomplish the same task. Polish is to shine your car and wax is to protect it.

You Will Need

  • Good quality car wax
  • Application rag
  • Electric buffer or soft rags to buff
  • Car wash and polish

Step 1: Prepare the Surface

Care of a black car can be frustrating and time consuming but nothing can beat the beauty of a black car that has an intense wax job. The paint has a depth and shine to it that is unsurpassed. The surface must be clean and shiny before you begin to wax. It is best to hand wash your car and dry it. Be sure all water spots are gone. Next polish the car. The polish should accomplish two things, it should remove or fill scratches and hide swirl marks you can get in automatic car washes, which are a bad idea for black car paint. If you can run your finger over a scratch and feel it, keep working.

Step 2: Applying Wax

Always wash, polish and wax your car in the shade. The sun dries the surface too quickly. Apply the wax per manufacturer's instructions. The best car waxes are carnuba based, the more the wax contains, the better the wax is. Apply the wax either working front to back or from the top down. This is personal preference. When the wax has completely dried, buff to a gorgeous shine.