How to Weaken Cabinet Door Magnets

  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-100
What You'll Need
Band Aid
Super Glue

Magnets on a cabinet door work great for keeping them closed. Display cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and garage cabinets all benefit from the use of magnets. The magnets work with different polarities that attract each side. This makes the magnets work together to keep the door closed.

Many people use magnets when they want a tight, flush fit. However, a lot of times they're used when the door will constantly open when you want it closed. Some homeowners have a problem when the magnet on their cabinet door is too strong. When this happens, it will require more force to open the door. This results in shaking the cabinet itself, and can cause breakable items to fall. Weakening cabinet door magnets can be done in a few different ways.

Step 1 - Remove Magnet Latch

Open the cabinet door and keep it open. If you need to, prop it open with a small piece of wood. Use a screwdriver and remove the magnet latch from the cabinet and the door. You do not have to do this step will all the remedies, but you will for one.

Step 2 - Remove Magnet Inlay

Once you have the magnet latch off the cabinet, you'll need to work with the magnet itself. On most magnet catches you can remove the magnet by loosening the pressure screw on the side. Once you loosen up this screw, the magnet will come right out. With some magnet catches, you will need to carefully pry it from the housing.

Step 3 - Cut Magnet in Half

Set the magnets in a vice (or you can clamp them to a stable work surface with C-clamp or vise grips) and leave half of it free. Fit a hacksaw with a fresh, sharp blade. Using the hacksaw in a smooth cutting manner, cut the magnet in half.

Step 4 - Place Back in Catch

On the bottom of the magnet, place a small dab of Super Glue. Place the magnet back into the catch and secure with the set screw. Secure the catch back onto the cabinet face. Try the door to see if it's still as strong as before. It should be much easier. If you need to cut again, cut the magnet on the door itself.

Step 5 - Use Tape

Another way to weaken the magnets on your cabinet door is to use some tape. Depending on the thickness of the tape, you will notice a difference in the strength of the magnet. A small piece of scotch tape will not weaken the magnet like a piece of duct tape will. Experiment with different pieces of tape until you find the one that weakens the magnet, but still allows it to close the door.

Step 6 - Use a Band Aid

Another easy fix for weakening a magnet for your cabinet door is to cut a piece of a band aid and place it over the magnet. Small circular Band Aids are great for this application, because they're the perfect size.