How to Weigh Down a Go Kart for Racing

What You'll Need
Scale to measure your weight
Strong wires

Go- Kart racing is a smaller version of a car racing sport. Go-Karts are open wheel cars, generally used for racing sport on scaled down circuits or in amusements parks. There are many variants to Go-Karts, also known as karts or gearbox, depending on the design of the vehicle. Go- Kart racing’s different tracks have various weight classes. For instance, in the 4cycle heavy, the total weight allotted between kart and driver is 350 lbs. This article will discuss how you can weigh down a Go Kart for racing.   

Step 1 - Get the Facts

Different tracks allow for a different number of gears to be on your Go-Kart. Calling before the race or going online to confirm might be a good idea. Once you know for which track and class you qualify, prepare the right set of gears for your Go-Kart and you’re ready for the weigh-in.

Step 2 - Weighing in for the Race

Take a scale and weigh yourself first. Then write the number down on a piece of paper so you don’t forget. To now weigh your Go-Kart, take your scale outside. Then balance your Go-Kart on its bumper on top of the scale. Use your finger to keep it balanced until the scale settles down to the final number. Add your number to the number of the Go-Kart and you have a final weight for the race.

Step 3 - Adjusting Weights

If the total weight turns out to be less than what is required for the race, you can buy 5 lbs. and 10 lbs. weight blocks and attach them to your Go-Karts. Use the 10 lbs. to attach to your metal. Use the 5 lbs. to attach directly to your seats. Attach all metal blocks using strong metal wires that will hold up against the pressures from racing. Remember, the more lighter you are the more faster you and your kart will roll. However, the loss of fuel (you begin with a full tank but it lightens toward the end of the race), and loss of sweat from your own body will make your final weigh-in considerably less than what you started out with. Keep that in mind as you add on more weights. Keeping it maybe ten lbs. heavier than the cut off number should keep you in the game.

Kart racing is a very popular sport and having some basic knowledge of the game can make it all the more fun for all the people participating as well as those who watch it. Taking careful weight measurements and knowing how to adjust weights for racing advantage is all a part of the game of Go Kart racing.