How to Whiten a Bathtub

Your bathtub may not be appealing to sit in since it’s lost its luster. By learning to clean your tub, you can make bath time fun again.

Remove the Dirt

First, remove any hair or other items on the tub’s bottom. Then, remove the dirt from your tub with a gentle cleanser and a sponge. Scrub the sides of the tub and the bottom with an abrasive sponge and then rinse away the debris with the showerhead. This will loosen the stains for the next step.

Polish Away the Stains

With an abrasive cleanser, take the sponger and scrub down the sides and then the bottom of the tub. Take some time to let the cleanser sit on the surface of the tub before you rinse it off. Look at the tub to see if you need to repeat the process. If not, rinse the tub again and allow to dry. Repeat the abrasive cleanser process as needed. Or follow up with a bleach-based cleanser, applying with the sponge again before rinsing thoroughly.

You can whiten your bathtub and make it usable again. But the best medicine is to clean up after each shower or bath to prevent grime and stains.