How to Wind a Weed Eater Spool

What You'll Need
Weed eater
Cord for the weed eater
Oil-filter wrench

If you are working in your lawn and your weed eater spool suddenly unravels or you notice that it needs a new string, you can wind it up again in no time and eliminate unraveling of the string in the future. You just need to do a few simple steps and a tool to do it and get on with manicuring your yard. However if you do not want to do the task in the future, you should get a spool replacement from online or traditional stores. If you make such a decision, make sure that you only get parts that are genuine, in order to have more value for your money. It will also ensure that your weed eater will be working as it should for a long time.

Step 1 – Preparing the Weed Eater

Press on the lock and turn the spool in a counter-clockwise direction. If there is a locking ring in your weed eater unit, take it out as well as the button for automatic feed. Clean off any grass and other debris and push on the spool to release it from its locking tabs. You can then take the spool out of its chamber.

Step 2 – Securing the Line

Feed the line through the lower deck. Push the line through in the shape of an upside down J like you do when you are sewing a button on but no not make a tie on the line. This will secure the inside end of your line.

Step 3 – Wrapping the Line

In wrapping the line, follow the direction indicated by the arrows on the weed eater. Continue with the task until the string wraps on the inside of the chamber.

Step 3 – Securing the Line

Secure each of the lines in their own lower and upper deck grove settings.

Step 4 – Reinstalling the Spool

Once the lines have been secured, put the spool back into the chamber on the weed eater. Get the lines through the holes on the right and left and then snap the spool back into place. Once the spool is positioned inside the sleeve and the lines have been pushed through the right and left holes, pull on both ends of the string at the same time.

Step 5 – Locking the Spool

If it is necessary, put the locking ring back. You can then continue with your trimming task.

In winding the spool, make sure that you do it slowly so as not to bind the line. You should also make it a point to lock both of the ends on their respective lower and upper grooves. If you fail to secure it, the line will unravel again, which will necessitate doing the above steps all over again. In addition, you should not forget to unplug the weed eater if it is electric or remove its spark plug if it's gas powered. If the power is accidentally turned on, it will whip you and it can hurt.