How to Winterize RV Vents

RV vents are one of the important features of your RV. Roof vents on an RV allow mingling of air from the outside with the air inside the RV. While traveling, you get to experience fresh air. At times, especially during colder months, you may need to winterize your RV vents so as to keep the RV from potential damage. Here are steps on how you can winterize your RV's roof vent(s).

Materials Needed:

  • RV with roof vent
  • Rags
  • RV roof vent cover
  • Roof cleaner

Step 1 – Clean the Vent

To ensure that you will be storing your RV when it is as tidy as possible, make sure that you remove all dirt present in your RV, including that which is present in the vent. Wipe it clean using rags and apply a roof cleaning solution. Also, make sure to remove all dew or any form of moisture present in the vents as it may give an avenue for fungi to set into your RV’s interior.

Step 2 – Keep as Much Heat Inside the RV as Possible

In preparing the RV for winter, it is best to keep as much heat inside as possible while at the same time ensuring that you remove almost all water inside the RV. Heat will keep the RV cozy despite the winter or long storage months. To keep the heat inside, cover the roof vent(s) with the appropriate cover that fits the design well.