How to Wire a Boat Trailer Winch

boat connected to a trailer hookup
  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 75-500
What You'll Need
Trailer winch
Lock washer
Circuit breaker

If you want to avoid winching your boat onto your trailer manually, you should try installing a boat trailer winch. You should be able to fit this winch onto your trailer easily, and wiring the winch can be done just as easily, as long as you are familiar with basic wiring.

Step 1 - Connect the Wires

Fit the circuit breaker to the power cable which comes with your winch. This needs to be placed into the positive pole of your battery so that you can ensure that your breaker will cut out if there is any problem with the electricity. Run the cable along to the winch, and then pull the power cable along the edge of the wire until you are able to reach the winch.

Step 2 - Wire the Winch

Place the wire into the lug of the trailer frame by connecting it using a bolt, a washer, and a nut. You should then take out the power cable and push this into the connection of the wire. You should then press the button on the winch to make sure that it is working properly.