How to Wire a Pool Timer

What You'll Need

If your swimming pool timer has become inoperative, it will be necessary to purchase a new one and wire it. Wiring your new pool timer is not a hard task. However, if you are not accustomed to any kind of electrical wiring, it is recommended that you consult a qualified electrician to wire the timer for you. If you are electrically inclined, follow the steps below to wire your replacement timer.

Step 1 - Turn Off Power

Before beginning any wiring job, safety is the first priority. Turn off the power to the pool timer. Ensure you you shut the power off from the timer by selecting the proper breaker at your breaker panel box.

Step 2 - Remove Cover

With your screwdriver, remove the insulated wire cover that houses your old pool timer. There will be no need to replace the box that houses your timer unless it is in bad repair. 

Step 3 - Remove Existing Timer

Before you can remove the existing timer, you have to remove the wiring. With your screwdriver, unscrew the screws that are holding the wires in place. If your wires are not color coded, it is recommended you mark the wires so that you will know where each wire came from. Colored tape is good for color coding your wires. Each terminal board has numbers on their screw terminals and these should match the manufacturer’s electrical label on the inside of the front door. Once the wires are disconnected, you can now remove the timer from the box. Pay close attention as to how the timer is mounted in the box. 

Step 4 - Install Replacement Timer

You can now install the replacement timer in the opposite fashion as you removed the old timer. If your replacement timer is a different brand than the one you are replacing, it is important to read the manufacturer's instructions on the new timer. Installation may be slightly different than the way you removed the old timer. Ensure that the sides and the top of the timer are supported. The timer should snap in place with the spring loaded clip or bracket provided with your new timer.

Step 5 - Wire New Timer

Compare the old electrical wiring diagram on the cover door with the wiring diagram provided with your new timer. Notate the differences in the wiring if there are any and consider them before you begin to rewire the new timer. Rewire the pool timer, making note of where the terminals are, specifically line, load and neutral. Follow manufacturer's instructions for wiring should you not remember how the previous timer was wired or if there are differences. Once you have determined the proper wiring strategy, tighten down screws in each terminal so each wire is secure. Replace the insulator cover over the wiring section of the terminal board.

Step 6 - Restore Power

Once the wiring is complete, restore power and check the functionality of your new clock. You can then set the clock on the timer and set the "On" and "Off" times to your preference.