How to Wire Projector Headlights

  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 65-125
What You'll Need
Proper projector headlights for your car
Wire crimper
Wire stripper
Volt meter
4 Quick wire connectors
4 male crimp connectors
4 female crimp connectors
Electrical tape

Projector headlights on a car can help illuminate the road in front of you. While they are a worthy investment, they can be hazardous to other drivers if they are not pointed in the right direction. They are bright and can be blinding to the driver of the oncoming car. Follow the simple steps below to ensure that your projector headlights are properly wired and aligned.

Step 1 – Prepare

To begin, tape the wires onto the back of the headlights. This way, they won’t get tangled up and will be easier to work with. Keep them together by color,e 2 each in black and red. The black is the ground wire and the red is the positive.

Step 2 – Connect Wires

Next, use the wire stripper to remove enough of the plastic insulation from each one of the wires to expose enough copper wire to twist the ends together. Twist the 2 red wires together and the 2 black wires together. After they have been twisted together, add 1 female crimp connector. Using the wire crimper, crimp the end of the female crimp connector over the end that was twisted. Wrap the crimp with electrical tape to ensure it stays secure.

Step 3 – Lengthen the Wires

Adding extra wires, one black and one red, will be beneficial in helping you to make the projector headlight wires longer and easier to install. To add length to the wire, get a new piece of red or black wire and remove the insulation down to the copper. Then connect it to the ground and positive wires from the headlights.

Step 4 - Connect the Headlights

Begin by turning on the headlights inside of the car. Lift the hood. Carefully connect the negative on the volt meter to the negative on the car battery. Find the headlight harness. You should see 3 wires: one red, one black and one green. These run the headlights and turn signal, and one is a ground wire. Use your volt meter and test to find the wire with power in it. Since you turned on your headlights, you will be able to determine which the headlight wire is.

After you find the headlight wire, use a quick connector and connect your extra red wire to the wire with power from the headlight harness and connect the black wire to the ground in the headlight harness. With the wire crimper, crimp these connectors and wrap them with electrical tape to ensure they remain secure. You are now ready to install the projector headlights in the car.