How to Wire Underwater Pool Lights

What You'll Need
LED lights (marine rated)
Electric drill
3/8-inch drill bit
Sealant (marine grade)
Wire shrink wrap
Threading tool

Underwater pool lights allow you to be able to swim at night as well as add elegance to the swimming experience. You can sit and relax poolside while the underwater pool lights shine and reflect in the water creating a soothing ambiance. Underwater pool lights can come installed in the pool already, but you may need to add them at some point. You can have someone come out to install the underwater pool lights, but you can do it yourself, and this article will show you how.

Step 1 - Purchase the Right Materials

When you go shopping for the underwater lights, make sure you buy the correct ones. They need to be marine LEDs. There are other types of lights that may say they are waterproof, but that means they can last if submerged but not forever. You need underwater LED lights that can stand up to constant water exposure.

Step 2 - Location

Prior to installing underwater pool lights, you must empty the pool of all water. Even though the lights are waterproof, that does not mean that the rest of the wiring actually is. When the water is drained from the pool, use your pencil and mark the areas where you would like the lights to be installed. The location of the underwater pool lights may be determined by the position of the wiring to the main outlet.

Step 3 - Access Holes

Depending on the type of kit you bought, you may need to create a larger hole for recessed lighting. As a result, you will need to use a drill fitted with a hole bit large enough for the setup. Other underwater pool lights will simply be attached with brackets. If you have brackets, then place them where you made your marks. Create pilot holes and attach the brackets with the screws that came with the kit. Drill new holes behind the brackets into the cavity of the pool wall.

Step 4 - Connect the Underwater Pool Lights

It is a good rule of thumb to follow the directions that came with your specific lighting kit, as they can vary. Locate the nearest junction box in the interior of the pool. A good place to find it is near the water pump. Open the plate and attach the wires according to the directions in your kit. Thread the wires through the channel within the interior of the pool to where you have placed the brackets for the underwater pool lights. Attach the lights to the wires and then the bracket.

Step 5 - Finishing

Wrap the shrink plastic around the wires where they connect to the underwater pool lights and the main junction. Use the hair dryer to shrink the plastic for added protection. Replace the grate to the junction. Place marine sealant over the screws you inserted. Put the dome or grate over the lights, screw it in place, and add sealer. Place sealer around the perimeter of the grate or dome.