How Toggle Bolts Work

Usually toggle bolts are the best way to hang heavy objects on many kinds of surfaces. This amazing new technology is a steel hanger that can be installed directly into walls in seconds. Moreover, this kind of steel connection can easily hold 400 pounds per attachment. But what does make a toggle bolt such a strong hanger?

Choosing the Size

A toggle bolt, also called a molly, basically consists of a bolt with a blade at the end that when tightened to the wall it acts as an anchor. However, for an effective result, you need to get the right size screw to go with the right size blade depending on what you are going to hang on it. Thus, a common 3/16-inch toggle bolt should be just fine for many household jobs such as plant hangers.

Preparing the Bolt

You can see that inside the blade there is a little bitty hole. So to properly set the toggle bolt first you have to screw the bolt right into it towards the end of the screw using a screwdriver. At the end, the machine head of the screw will actually just be a threaded part acting as a hook.

Poke a Hole

Whatever surface you are trying to install the toggle bolt into, all you need to do is poke a hole in the wall that at least, should be the size of the diameter of the toggle bolt’s blade when it’s still closed. This will make it easier to poke the molly through the hole.

The Toggle Bolt Magic

Once you have poked the screw and the toggle thing through the hole, what is going to do is that the spring it has got in it is going to be released and once it does, you have to pull back down and it actually clamps on the inside of the surface. Then you are going to be left with all the screws hanging out.

Screw It In

Now all you need to do is just keep pressure on it, pull it towards you and screw it in. However, if you push it towards the surface and try to screw it in, the blade is going to sit in there and keep turning and you are going to be there all day trying to get that thing screwed in. Therefore, remember to pull back tight towards you so the blade will actually grab and you can screw it in easily.

Use a Drill

A good thing to do is sometimes you can actually use a drill to actually screw it in while you are pulling tight on it. What it will do is save you some time if the screw you are using is quite a long one.


One thing you have to consider when you are installing this is you have to make sure that the toggle bolt is at least an inch longer than the surface you are trying to penetrate it through. This because you have to leave enough room for the blade to go through the hole and be able to clear the hole. If it is too short of a bolt the spring will never be released because it won’t actually be able to penetrate the hole completely.

So that’s basically the easiest way to install a toggle bolt and how it actually works. However, you can find a vast selection of toggle bolts on the market which are particularly designed for many different purposes.