Hydraulic Liffters vs Mechanical Lifters

Some car makers have been introducing hydraulic lifters in their vehicles, rather than the more usual mechanical lifters. VW are one company who have used the hydraulic lifter in the past, and there is always the potential that they will do so again. If you are keen to use a hydraulic lifter, you may consider the pros and cons of each particular type of lifter.

Hydraulic Lifters

These are considered by some to be a better device than the manual. There are some suggestions that the hydraulic system provides a quieter engine, and also that they are able to obtain slightly more horse power with these lifters. However, there are disadvantages, such as wear and tear causing adjustment problems. The hydraulic pump may fail after a few years use, leaving you with no option but to take out the pieces and do a running repair. In addition, you may find that you are less able to solve lifter problems yourself with a hydraulic system.

Mechanical Lifters

Mechanical lifters are an example of old-style engine mechanics, and old lifters can be one cause of engine noise, particularly when you have an  older vehicle. Mechanical lifters are stronger, and less likely to need regular adjustment. Mechanical lifters are also more visible, making any repairs much easier to accomplish on your own.