Hydroment Grout

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Hydroment grout is used for many different applications. It is characterized by its hardness and being fast to dry. Hydroment grout is used mainly in between ceramic floor tiles. It is constructed of quartz and other filler material. It is available in a wide variety of colors, and like any other type of grout, there are pros and cons you should be aware of.

Use in Wide Joints

It's a great option when you are looking to fill large joints between tiles. It is a good product to use when you have joints that are over an inch in width.

Curing Properties

Because this grout is made with a significant amount of portland, when it cures it does so to extreme hardness. This makes for a very durable product.

Not All Colors Made Alike

Some of the colors do not come out as well as others with Hydroment grout. You may need to constantly mix the grout in order to get a product free of streaks. Some of the colors turn out as something that you may not be expecting. It is a good idea to test the grout color in an inconspicuous place before you apply it to the entire floor.