An I-beam is a special type of joist that is made of structural steel. The I-beam is an important part of buildings, especially larger ones, to ensure that they will be sturdy and safe. I-beams are normally made out of steel because the properties of steel allow for it to withstand extremely heavy loads. The I-beam gets its name from its shape. The beam itself looks like a giant capital I.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Using an I-beam

An I-beam is less likely to warp or bend then wood because of their sound structure. This allows designers to create vast open spaces that normally couldn’t be done. Another huge positive to the I-beam is that it can withstand the same load as a wood beam that’s much larger than it.

A huge disadvantage to the I-beam is that it’s very susceptible to heat. If it gets heated up it can bend and fail causing a huge problem. I-beams are usually insulated to protect them from the heat because of this fact.