Ideas for Decorating a Little Girl's Bedroom with a Garden Theme

Little girls loved themed bedroom furnishings and décor, and a garden theme is an option that will grow as she grows. It is a style that can include a wide range of subjects, and the choices for bedding, furnishings, and décor are only limited by the imagination. A little girl’s bedroom decorated in a unique garden theme is fun and appealing for kids of all ages, and unlike bedrooms decorated with popular characters, it will never become boring or outdated. Give your little girl the garden bedroom of her dreams by implementing the following decorating ideas. A little girl’s bedroom with a garden theme is fun and very easy to decorate in unique and stylish ways.

Color Suggestions for Walls with a Garden Theme

A little girl’s bedroom with a garden theme looks fantastic when the walls are painted in light sky blue or soft leaf green. Light sky blue can be embellished with white puffy painted clouds near the ceiling. Soft leaf green is reminiscent of natural colors found in a luxuriant garden. Choose either color for walls, or opt for a blue clouded ceiling and soft green walls. Either way, the backdrop that highlights garden-themed wall art will look amazing.

Further Embellish Walls with Peel and Stick Appliqués

After the paint has sufficiently dried, continue decorating and embellishing walls with peel and stick flowers and other garden décor of various types, colors, and sizes. Select golden sunflowers, delicate iris appliqués, sunny daisies, and any other blooms that add beauty and color to the bedroom. In addition to flowers, select whimsical butterflies, bees, and dragonfly appliqués. They can be safely applied to smooth walls, doors, and even furniture. Keep in mind, when placing peel and stick appliqués, do not attempt to create a border around the ceiling. Instead, arrange the graphics at or just above the eye level of the child where they will be easy to see and appreciate.

Create a Stylish Trellis Headboard

When decorating a little girl’s bedroom in a garden theme, remove the existing headboard, and replace it with a wall-mounted trellis. Embellish the trellis with faux flowering vines such as wisteria or blooming morning glories. A trellis makes a lovely headboard when decorating a little girl’s bedroom, especially when it is decorated with blooming faux flowers and climbing faux vines. A decorative metal trellis or a plain wooden variety is ideal for creating a wall-mounted headboard in a little girl’s garden bedroom.

A sheet of painted lattice can also be mounted to a wall to create a decorative wall-mounted headboard in a little girl’s bedroom. It can be embellished with flowers in the same manner as metal or wooden varieties. Best of all, a painted lattice headboard is inexpensive and easy to mount on wall studs. Be sure to drill pilot holes in the lattice to avoid splitting the wood, and attach it to the wall using small finishing nails.

Transform a Twin Bed into a Daybed with a Garden Theme

A twin bed can easily be transformed into a daybed with a unique garden theme. Remove the headboard and footboard from the bed, and place the bed lengthwise against a wall. Select a large work of wrought iron wall art shaped in a half circle, and weave faux flowering vines throughout the open areas of the design. Securely mount the large work of wrought iron wall art to the wall next to the bed. Make sure to mount it on a wall stud in at least one location. Little girl’s that always wanted a daybed instead of an ordinary twin bed will love the new look, especially in a bedroom decorated in a garden theme.

Ideas for Bedding with a Garden Theme

Bedding with a garden theme can include floral bedspreads or comforters, but they are not necessary when decorating a little girl’s bedroom with a garden theme. Opt for bedding in solid colors if floral patterns seem too busy for the space. Use throw pillows shaped like butterflies, ladybugs, and flowers to tie the look together. Stuffed toys that match the theme also make fantastic bed décor when decorating a little girl’s bedroom in a garden theme.

Window Treatments for a Bedroom with a Garden Theme

Select light-blocking blinds or shades for the bedroom, and instead of selecting heavy drapes, opt for light and airy sheer panels to embellish windows. If the walls are painted light green, opt for pink or beige sheers. If the walls are light blue, select cloud white sheers to dress up windows. String color-coordinating faux flowers on invisible thread, and alternate the flowers with eye-catching iridescent glass beads that resemble raindrops. Use the floral beaded strings to hold open sheers during daylight hours.

Ideas for Tabletop Décor

Tabletop décor is important in any bedroom, even a little girl’s bedroom, and the options for tabletop décor are virtually limitless. Consider decorating a dresser, shelf, or nightstand with a tabletop butterfly sculpture or other colorful garden creatures. Toys are not the only items that can be used when decorating a little girl’s bedroom. Tabletop décor is an excellent choice, and it will grow with the child. Quality works of art will become heirloom pieces that are sure to be treasured for a lifetime.

Wall Décor for a Little Girl’s Bedroom with a Garden Theme

When putting the finishing touches on a little girl’s bedroom with a garden theme, decorate her walls with more than just shelves of books, toys, and peel and stick wall decals. Consider quality wall décor that will never go out of style. Create a focal point above her headboard with a garden theme. Select a large frameless oil painting of a beautiful flower bloom, and highlight the display with smaller accent pieces on both sides. Sculptured metal or wall pockets filled with faux flowers that match the bloom in the oil painting will make a lovely display, especially in a little girl’s bedroom with a garden theme. She will love spending time in her bedroom that looks like a garden paradise, and it will be her favorite theme for many years to come.

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