Ideas for Decorating a Kitchen with Cobalt Blue Accents

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Cobalt blue is a lovely and versatile color to use when decorating the kitchen. It is a popular color in many decorating themes, including Mediterranean, French, Tuscan, and "country."

There are of course many different shades of the color blue, but the richness of cobalt blue can be an especially effective shade when used for decorating. Using cobalt blue in the kitchen can create a cheerful and colorful room, which is both attractive and pleasant to work in.

Beautiful Cobalt Blue as a Wall Accent

When adding cobalt blue to the kitchen decorating theme, there are many options. Bold effects can be created by painting one wall in a rich, dark cobalt blue shade. Or, a more subtle approach could be to choose a large wall hanging that prominently features cobalt blue, and hang it on one wall as a focal point.

By doing this, the other colors and perhaps patterns or themes from the artwork can also be used throughout the room to tie the look together. Using a wallpaper border or stenciling that includes the blue shade is also a way to add cobalt blue to the walls in a more subtle fashion.

Dishes, Glassware and Pottery

There are beautiful dishes and glassware available in cobalt blue. Pottery and earthenware items that are cobalt blue, or a pattern of blue and white can be both beautiful as well as functional in the kitchen. Enamelware in cobalt blue, or blue speckled with white, is also a good choice. An arrangement of sparkling cobalt blue bottles or glassware, arranged where the light can dance through them, can add a nice touch.

If there is an open area between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling, a number of cobalt blue accent pieces, such as a bottle or pottery collection, could be added to create a focal area without using up valuable counter space. A cobalt blue canister set added to the countertop area can also add both color and functionality.


Cobalt blue can be used in other ways throughout the kitchen as well. Ceramic tiles can be used in the kitchen to add color, while also creating easy-care work surfaces. This ranges from full tile countertops and backsplash areas to simple tile wall hangings and trivets. Either way, cobalt blue ceramic tile can create a vivid accent within the kitchen.

Less is More

It's important to remember that sometimes "less is more" when decorating with colors as vivid as cobalt blue. It's not necessary to have everything in blue, as this would not only reduce the overall effect but could become too dark and overpowering. By using one or two of the accent effects described above to introduce the color to the kitchen area, it's then possible to carry the color throughout the rest of the room by using smaller accessories, such as placemats, napkins, table runners, and curtain toppers.

Don't forget that nature also has much to offer in the shade of cobalt blue. A floral arrangement containing blue flowers or a dish of blueberries as a centerpiece on the table can add color and a touch of nature to the room's decor.