How to Decorate a Master Bedroom with French Country Style

Master bedroom.

A master bedroom adorned with French country accents is charming and dreamy, and when appositely decorated it provides a tranquil space worthy of the finest home décor journal. It includes appealing French accents featuring layers of toile and an infusion of throws, decorative throw pillows, rustic furniture, and eye-catching floral art. When seeking ideas for decorating a master bedroom with French country style, consider the following practical tips that will inspire a completely new look and result in a relaxing haven for rest and relaxation.

Wall Color Suggestions

When decorating a master bedroom with French country style, begin by updating wall colors. Painting is one of the most dramatic ways to update a room, and it is by far the least expensive way to change the look of a space. Visit a local paint retailer and look for colors typical of a French country cottage including various shades of cream, soft yellow, pale cornflower blue, light grass green, and other relaxing colors that capture the natural beauty of the French countryside. Many paint retailers sell sample size jars of the most popular shades, and this is a fantastic way to try a color before buying the full-size product.

French Country Bedding Ideas

A bed embellished with French country bedding is comfortable and visually inviting. When outfitting a master bedroom bed with French country bedding, consider beginning with a bedspread or comforter in a solid color that coordinates well with other hues in the room. Keep in mind that French country decorating is relaxed, and unlike formal French decorating, hard and fast rules do not apply.

Top the bedspread or comforter with a French country quilt designed with French toile. The French word toile translates to the English word fabric, but toile is not just any type of fabric. Toile typically has a white or off-white background that boasts detailed graphics of scenes that may include people, flowers, trees, animals, and other pictures that are scenic. The pictures are repeated over the expanse of the material.

Layer the patterned toile diagonally over the bedspread for a unique and interesting new look. In other words, centered corners will hang over each side of the bed. Toile with deep blue designs is especially lovely on a creamy beige background, and it works especially well in a master bedroom painted a soft shade of yellow or pale blue.

Top the bedding with an array of throw pillows in complimentary colors. Select throw pillows of various shapes, textures, and sizes. Neck rolls, heart-shaped pillows with crocheted edges reminiscent of finely crafted doilies, and square pillows designed from ultra-soft cotton fabric are all ideal when accessorizing a bed with French country style.

Wall Décor and Accents with French Country Style

Stylish wall décor is a must in every master bedroom, and many options for wall décor go well with French country decorating. Mount a large framed mirror on a bare bedroom wall, and surround the mirror with a set of floral accent pieces to create a dramatic focal point. Wall planters filled with faux baby’s breath and beautiful blue forget-me-nots or chicory are an excellent choice, but any wildflowers will create a stunning wall display.

Wooden wall art is also ideal when decorating walls with French country style. The natural wood will fit the relaxed style of the space. Wall art designed from wood and decorative wall pockets filled with faux flowers can become the focal point of the bedroom.

French Country Furniture and Arrangement Ideas

A French country bedroom can be furnished using rustic wood furniture to evoke a feeling of old-world charm. Avoid decorating with cut-rate ready-to-assemble nightstands and similar furnishings. Instead, look for antique wood furniture or other solid pieces that can be stripped and painted a rich shade of vanilla, foamy green, or pale blue depending on the colors chosen for walls, window treatments, bedding, and décor.

A wrought iron headboard is also ideal when decorating a bedroom with French country charm. If a completely new bedroom suite is not within reach, consider removing the headboard and footboard of the existing bed. Replace the headboard with large work of wrought iron wall art with floral details and intricate designs. The wall-mounted art will look just as good as or better than an actual metal headboard from a furniture retailer.

Tabletop Art with French Country Charm

When searching for tabletop art with French country charm, consider floral displays and metal rooster sculptures. Roosters are iconic of the French country style, and unbeknownst to some, they can be used in areas of the home other than the dining room or kitchen. The bedroom is an ideal location for displaying roosters, especially since these popular barnyard birds are well-known for announcing the daily sunrise. Select a majestic metal rooster, and place it on a pedestal with classic French architectural design, a nightstand, or any other prominent place in the bedroom. A heavy metal rooster can also serve as a decorative bedroom doorstop.

Floral Displays with French Country Flair

Flowers are a must in a bedroom with French country style. They add a tremendous amount of life and color to the bedroom, even if they are made from silk. Arrange a bouquet of fresh or faux flowers in a large ceramic pitcher that coordinates with the colors of the bedroom. Select flowers such as white daisies with bright yellow centers, pink and white peonies, or an array of colorful asters with fringed edges. Fill in open areas with lacy ferns and classic white baby’s breath or lily of the valley. A lovely bouquet will complete the relaxed and inviting look that is reminiscent of a quaint French country cottage.

It is no wonder why French country decorating has remained as popular as ever. It is a welcoming style that is easy to update, change, and rearrange without spending a small fortune in the process. With a little creativity and design ingenuity, any bedroom can be decorated with quaint French country style and charm.