Ideas for Carving Wooden Fence Posts

Wood fence posts are very prominent features of your fence so you might want to do something to make your posts look good. Note that your fence is one of the first things that visitors notice in your property so if you decorate the posts of your fence, you can create a more welcoming scheme for your visitors.

There are many ways to decorate your posts including painting and carving. Painting your posts is a good thing but if you live in an area where the weather can be brutal, the painting on your wooden fences may not last long. As it is, you may want to make use of carvings to give your fence posts a nice look that is reflective of your character. To help you decorate your fence posts, here are some ideas for carving designs on your posts.

Carving Animal Designs

Carving animal designs on wood is an ancient technology and it has been used by people for generations. Before you start to carve animal designs on your wooden posts, you need to come up with a good design first. You may use your favorite animals on your designs and scale the design to fit the surface of your wooden posts. You may vary the designs of the posts to create a more interesting look.

After coming up with a good design, transfer your design to your fences posts. You can do this by drawing the animal figures directly unto the wood using a pencil or tailor’s chalk. To carve the wood, use a V-gouge chisel and a mallet to carve the design on wood or take out sections on the post to bring out your design. Apply finishing on the carving to protect it from the elements.

Japanese Wood Carving

If you want to show a lot of details on your wood carvings, you might want to try doing some Japanese wood carving on your posts. Japanese wood carvings are known to show profound details so if you want to create intricate designs, this technique is your best option. Since Japanese wood carving entails a lot of work, you may want to apply this technique on fence posts located on the entrance of your property. You can use a number of designs for your carvings ranging from symbols to scenes of everyday life.

Try Making a Totem Pole

A totem pole makes an interesting addition to your yard decorations. Traditionally, totem poles are used by Native Americans and Eskimos to tell the story of their tribe or their clan. If you want to follow the traditional way of making totem poles, you should trace your family history and designate signs and symbols on the important events of your family. You do not have to come up with very complicated designs to create a unique totem pole. What is important is that you get to tell an interesting story about your family.

After creating your story and design, you may now transfer your design to the fence post using a pencil. To carve out the design on the pole, use a chisel and a mallet.