Ideas for Children's Window Treatments

Children's window treatments can make for an exciting project. There are many ideas that you could create to make your children’s bedroom more colorful, educational or relaxing. Coming up with ideas for very young children is easier than children who are in the difficult stages. Older children of 7 and over tend to want their own style, which can make it a little more difficult.

Primary Colors

Using the primary colors is inspirational to very young children and babies. Using numbers and letters on the drapes works well. You can have red, yellow and blue drapes with yellow, blue and red numbers on one side and yellow, blue and red letters on the other. Mix and match the colors so that no colored number or letter has the same color background.


Children adore animals. Babies can learn from the animals as they get older and begin recognizing each different one. Zoo animals are usually very brightly colored and have attractive marks. Place pictures of zebras, giraffes or leopards on the drapes to bring brightness to the room.


Stencils on glass are also a great window treatment. They can also defuse light sunshine and prevent people from seeing inside the room. It softens the nature of the incoming light and adds gentle glow to the room.