Ideas for Creating Your Attic Walkway

What You'll Need
2 x 4 inch lumber
2 inch deck screws
Construction adhesive
Work Gloves
Chalk line
Circular saw

Traditionally, the attic has been used as a storage space. However, more recently, it changed its form from a dust filled area to a more usable place. In any case, your attic will need a walkway. Here are a few ideas on how to create a walkway for your attic.

Step 1 – Planning the Layout

The attic walkway is constructed so that sits above the horizontal chords of your attic. This is because the horizontal chords are the strongest part of the attic. Because of this, the space is able to supporting heavy loads. The floor must extend beyond the insulation so that the insulation is properly covered. The 2 x 4 lumber will form the foundation of the walkway.

Step 2 – Taking Measurements

First, you will need to calculate how many 2 x 4 inch pieces of lumber you will need. To do this, take the measurements of the horizontal chords. Use a measuring tape to take the measurements and write down all the measurements.

Step 3 – Selecting the Lumber

The most common type of wood that is used for walkways is Plywood. This type of wood is cheap and strong. You will not need a quality wood to do this because the strength of the wood is more important than the visual appeal. There are different types of plywood available.

Step 4 – Cutting the Wood

The plywood sheets are usually 8 to 10 feet long so you can cut it into 4 foot strips. Make 4-foot marking on the plywood planks and cut it using the circular saw. Start cutting from one end and cut all the plywood planks in the same way.

Step 5 – Pattern of the Floor

You can lay the cut plywood planks in stepping stone fashion or in continuous rows. To lay the plywood planks in a continuous pattern, just place the planks one after the other. If you want to lay them in a stepping stone fashion, after placing one plank, place the second plank a little bit lower, and so on.

Step 6– Installing the Floor Planks

The first plank is placed at the entrance of the attic walkway on the first horizontal chord. Apply construction adhesive on one side and place it on the horizontal chord. After that, screw it in place using the 2 inch deck screws. A 4 foot long plywood strip will need at least 8 screws on it. Continue the process until the flooring is finished.

Step 7 – Finish Off with Wood Glue

The final step is applying construction glue on the sides of the plywood flooring. This will increase the strength of the floor. If you want, you can also apply some decking oil on your new floor to enhance the look of the floor. You may need to use a fan to be sure that you are applying the oil in a ventilated area.