Ideas for Decorating a Blue and White Bathroom

Lead Image

Who doesn’t love that hotel feeling when you check in, walk into the bathroom and see those white fluffy towels, white bathmat, white everything! It looks so clean and pristine! Well, let’s add some blue accents here and there but keep that clean, stylish hotel feel.


I personally love oversized towels. Hang them on the towel bars and select the shade of blue. Get some regular size towels and hang them as well. You have your starting palate right there. Use the white to highlight here and there and the blue strategically so as to not make the space feel too small.

Bath and Shower

Select a natural wood block rug. Opt for a blue linen shower curtain to compliment our fabulous white fluffy towels and paint the bathroom a stark glossy white.


Choose dark wood to highlight the white and complement the navy blue. With the careful selection and balance of white and blue, you can have a beautiful bathroom without looking either too blue or too white. Always remember to keep it stylishly simple!