Ideas for Decorating Basement Bars

bar glasses

If you are lucky enough to have a basement with its own bar, tailoring it to fit your style is half the fun. There are all kinds of ideas for decorating basement bars that will make it your own. Putting your personal stamp on all things related to your basement is easy, and it can be inexpensive at the same time.

Whether you want a high-end look that yells “I should be in a magazine layout,” or just a simple bar that you can enjoy with friends and family, decorating the bar should reflect your personal style. If you have children, be sure that all alcohol and stemware, or anything else that is possibly harmful, is kept out of reach.

A basement bar needs some basics like glasses, spirits, and seating, but you can also splurge, too. Here are some fun and simple ideas to get you started on decorating your basement bar.


A good place to start decorating your basement bar is to come up with a theme. Decide if you want it to be tropical, kitschy, 1950s, a place for the guys, or whatever style appeals to you. Once you come up with the theme, start hunting for items to add to the bar that represents that chosen theme. For example, if you choose a tropical theme maybe you have an ashtray or a poster that you picked up while on vacation. Display these items and voila, you've got a good looking bar.


If you have a large collection of spirits, display them on top of the bar; bottles come in all sizes and shapes and can look like artwork. If you don't have a big collection, that's alright. Just display some of the more exotic or pretty bottles for all to see.

Hanging Lights

Add some hanging lights or racks to hold great glasses of all types for beer, wine, and martinis. Hanging the racks over the bar gives it a professional, yet homey look.

Bar Stools

A bar isn’t a bar without stools or bar chairs for sitting. Match them with your theme for a total bar ambiance. There are high back bar stools as well as the old fashioned kind that look like they just came out of a malt shop. Choose what is appropriate for your style.


Hang some fun artwork behind the bar to complete the overall bar area. Whether it’s a dogs playing cards, a velvet framed Elvis, or simple landscape, artwork always adds pizazz.


Put up a blackboard and write “Today’s Specials” in colored chalk or a tack up a cork board and add fun letters, postcards or display personal photographs.

Small Appliances

Your basement bar should be equipped with a blender to mix drinks. A sink could also come in handy, as would a refrigerator, wine cooler, and microwave. Even a popcorn maker sitting on top of the counter is good for making snacks for friends or family.


Consider a TV, stereo system, CD player, or Blu-Ray player for entertainment and to lighten the mood.