Ideas for Decorating French Doors

French doors look wonderful, and having them will add extra value and character to your home. These doors allow you to have quiet areas by closing off a room and yet let enough light to enter a room thanks to the multiple glass panels set into it.

Though French doors are beautiful as they are and they usually come in various colors and designs, to match the rest of the interior you can decorate them, adding more elegance to your home. Whether the amount of sunlight coming in is what you wish to change or you are looking for more privacy, or you just like to achieve a fresh and modern look of a room, here are some ideas for decorating French doors.

Choosing Curtains and Drapes

Traditionally, French doors are covered with different types of curtains or drapes. With the great selection of French door curtains and drapes available on today’s market, it won’t be difficult to find the right set for your door. When choosing them, make sure their design matches the design and color of the French door as well as the general look of the room. Do not buy curtains before having taken the necessary measurements, as haphazard curtains may spoil the beauty of your French doors. Pay particular attention to the fabrics and the colors. Heavy fabrics and dark colors, for instance, will prevent light from entering the room.

Blinds and Shades

If you are looking for something more contemporary and stylish to complement your décor, you can opt for blinds and shades. Apart from their practical purposes, they can be a great way for decorating. Whatever type you choose, they will add instant elegance to your French door. Among the most popular choices available are: cellular shades, roller shades, roman shades, natural woven wood or bamboo blinds, wood or faux wood blinds and pleated shades, among others. However, avoid vertical blinds as they are not suitable for French doors: this kind of doors is not wide enough to display such blinds.

Window Films

Do-it-yourself folks will certainly enjoy such an idea for decorating. This is a beautiful and very easy way to give your French door a complete makeover. All you have to do is a little trimming before you apply the film on the glass panels.

Apart from their aesthetic look, these window films are said to reduce up to 99% of the harmful UV rays. You can choose between a great variety of window films: frosted, decorative, reflective and stained glass films are just some of the options available.

French Door Hardware

If properly chosen to complement the door, hardware can make a huge difference in terms of appearance. Items such as doorknobs, handles, door locks, hinges and the like have to perfectly match the rest of the interior. When searching for the right hardware, the color of the French doors and the material of which they are made must be taken into consideration.

These are just several ideas for decorating French doors which will definitely add to the beauty and the homeliness of your house.