Ideas for Decorating with a Home Fountain

A home fountain can give a luxurious and relaxing feel to your garden. The great thing about fountains is that they come in so many styles, materials and sizes that it's easy to find the fountain that complements your space perfectly. Here are a few suggestions on how to incorporate a fountain into your garden. 


Making your home fountain a focal point works especially well with tall fountains. If you want a large fountain, think about placing it in the middle of the garden. Tall fountains are like sculptures so think of this as showing off a piece of art. You can also use your home fountain to dictate the landscaping around it by laying a gravel or pebble path leading up to and around the fountain, or by laying a different colored grass or wood chips around the fountain to further accentuate it. Another way to show off your fountain is to put it in the front of your house. If you have a circular driveway, putting a sculptural fountain in the middle of the driveway creates a dramatic look. 

Smaller Fountains

If you don't want your home fountain to be so conspicuous, you can place a smaller fountain closer to a corner. Even though your first instinct would be to steer clear of a flower bed, a small fountain could look beautiful in such a spot. Smaller fountains are also the right choice if you are short on space or are working with an unusually-shaped space. Shorter fountains made of different materials in organic shapes is also a nice idea. You can find fountains made of stone, wood or metal left in a natural shape for a more rustic look. 

Concealed Fountains

Maybe you want the soothing sound of water falling but don't want to add much visually to your garden. In that case, you can choose a concealed fountain. There are some home fountains that look exactly like something you'd find in the garden anyway, made of stone or wood in an organic shape. A unique option is a fountain shaped exactly like a rock! The water comes out of a hole in the top, like a geyser, and trickles down the front of the rock - the perfect way to add a discrete water feature and a fun conversation starter. 


Don't forget that your garden can still be enjoyed at night and so can your home fountain. Some fountains have built-in lighting, which can transform you fountain into a gorgeous focal point once the sun goes down. Even if the fountain you like doesn't have uplights incorporated into it, you can still plan for a few spotlights or even garden floor lights to highlight you new home fountain. 

Table Top

If you're not ready to commit to an in-ground home fountain, you can still have a fountain in your garden - on your outdoor table. Table fountains can have just as much style and presence as larger fountains. Choose from several tiered Terracotta fountains, metal and stone fountains or wood fountains.