8 Great Ideas for Decorative Molding

Decorative crown molding

Adding decorative molding to your walls can be a great way to subtly enhance the look of any room. Having an idea of the various styles that can be achieved with molding can help you to decide on an idea that will suit your needs.

1. Dado Rail

Fitting decorative molding as a dado rail (also known as a chair rail) midway down along the wall of any room can serve a multiple purpose. Not only will it add a rustic or modern touch to your home, depending on the style of molding you use, but it will also protect your wall from accidental dents and scrapes that can be caused by furniture.

2. Skirting

Rather than make do with a standard skirting board to protect the base of the wall from collisions with furniture legs and accidental kicks, consider fitting some decorative molding instead. The range of styles that molding is available in means it can easily be put into place and does not have to take up a large amount of space.

3. Windows

open windows surrounded by thick trim

Plain-looking windows can be livened up by installing trim molding around the window frame. This idea is especially beneficial if you are seeking to create a period style for your room as Victorian windows were often highly embellished.

4. Corners

By adding single pieces of decorative molding to each corner of the room, you can create an ornamental touch with a high impact without requiring much effort. A grand design can be created with a corner piece that is wide at the top before gradually decreasing in width until it forms a point. A more modern clean look can be achieved with molding that is more uniform and comprises straight lines.

5. Ceiling Edges

decorative crown molding

Using decorative molding along the joint between the ceiling and the wall will enable you to easily amend the look of your room without doing a significant amount of work. The wide variety of styles available will enable you to find one to suit the existing decorative styles and colors of your home.

6. Picture Rail

A picture rail can be created by fitting molding in a horizontal line along the upper half of the room. The precise location of the molding will depend on the overall height of the ceiling, but it should be placed at a point where you imagine you would hang the top edge of a framed picture. It can be made to blend in by applying paint in the same color as the walls or it can be left to contrast by leaving the white color that it comes in unchanged.

7. Sconce

If you have installed wall sconces, you will probably have done so for decorative aspects as well as the additional light they can provide. Consider putting molding around these fittings to enhance them further.

8. Light Fitting

Adding a trim molding surround to light fixtures and fittings such as switches and dimmers can be a great way to make them stand out. Crown molding around a ceiling light fixture can help it to become a focal point of the room.