Ideas for Patio Awning Designs

A patio awning will add an eye catching way to give your patio comfort and serenity. There will be many different ideas you can draw from with the design. Here are just a few suggestions.

Multiple Awnings

If you have a larger patio you may want to consider using multiple awnings in different lengths for a unique look. This design will add a modern twist the awning. It also makes it easier to clean and repair if you ever need to.

Rounded Awnings and Other Shapes

While a rounded marquee style awning is most commonly seen over doors, you can add a unique look to your patio by adding a large rounded awning instead of the traditional wedge style. This will give your patio a more ‘Hollywood’ feel and make the patio great for entertaining.

Lighted Awnings

An option that is quickly becoming more popular are the lighted awning designs. You can find awnings that have small lights already installed in to the awning itself. Most often these lights are solar. They won’t provide extremely bright light, but it can really add something to the ambience of your patio in the evening hours.

Choose a Unique Pattern

Awnings can be fabric, aluminum or wood. The choices are endless. You can choose a striped or solid fabric. Or, you can choose an aluminum awning for a more industrial look.  Wood awnings also offer many different styles and colors from oak to cherry wood.  Also, with wood awnings, you can choose a lattice pattern or solid frame.

A patio awning doesn’t have to be the same boring design as all your neighbors have. Be creative and don’t be afraid to try something different with your patio awning.