Ideas for Rustic Cabinet Knobs

For glazed or old fashioned cabinets, installing rustic cabinet knobs completes the looking. Every detail counts when you have a very specific design in mind. Although made to look rustic, you can purchase new cabinet knobs for installation. However, you may find the right knobs elsewhere and for much less money. Consider some of these ideas for rustic knobs. 

Hunting Theme

If your cabinets are meant to fit into a hunting lodge motif, consider using pieces of real antler fitted with the necessary hardware. Other cabinet knobs displaying a similar fashion include those made in a particular image such as fish, trees or other animals. 


Making semi-precious stones such as agates or thunder eggs into cabinet knobs is a great idea for the rockhound. This is especially true if the cabinets are used to showcase a rock collection. 


Vintage Hardware

A visit to an antique store or retro or refurbished hardware can yield plenty of ideas for rustic cabinet knobs. Old door handles made of copper, bronze or brass look nice as does antique wrought iron. 


Adapt an Object

If you are looking for rustic cabinet knobs to complement a particular motif, the best places to look for hardware include antique stores, junk shops and estate sales. What you ultimately find might not have been intended for a cabinet door handle at all, but if it works for you, all the better.