Ideas for Using a Portable Carport

There are a great many advantages offered in using a portable carport over the more permanent wood and metal versions. Portable carports are built with versatility in mind. If you are unsure of whether or not you might make use of a portable carport yourself, consider some of these ideas.

General Carport Uses

As the name suggests, a common use for any carport (portable or otherwise) is to cover up your car. A car carport will protect your car from harmful UV rays that are known to fade paint, as well as keeping any number of things from dropping on it while it is parked, such as rain, snow, sleet, bird droppings, leaves, or tree sap.

Because of the wide array of sizes available, they can even be purchased large enough to be used as an RV carport.

Temporary Selling Space

If you are looking for a temporary place to house the goods that you sell, a portable carport is perfect for you. With a couple of side pieces added on, you can take it to the flea market and turn it into an impromptu store front, or use it to protect all your food for the annual bake sale. They are also quite useful if you want a covered booth of some sort at the local fair, carnival, or outdoor convention.

Temporary Living Space

Do you have some family coming in to town who refuse to pay for a hotel, yet you just don’t have the room to put them up in your main house? Simply set up a portable carport in the back yard to be used as an oversized tent. They are dramatically cheaper than tents of a similar size, and can often be put up much quicker and easier as well. Or, you can take the carport on the road and use it for the next big family camping trip.

They aren’t reserved strictly to human living space use either. You can use your carport to set up a basic kennel in the backyard, or use it to help out farmers and animal shelters to house other animals.

Other Uses

Another good use for the carport is to take a mini sized carport to the beach, where you can roll up or remove the sides during the day to fully enjoy the bright, sunny beach while resting with solid protection from the sun’s most harmful rays. And if you are on a beach cleared for camping, simply roll down or reattach the sides after sundown.

On the other end, if you need a carport larger than what is offered, portable carports are very easy to set up side-by-side and lash together, or to connect with a single over sized cover for both.

There are also specialized carports for other things, such as setting up a temporary greenhouse. These are much cheaper and easier to set up than dealing with a full greenhouse or specialized shed. They are also a great way for the amateur green thumb to toil away in a greenhouse while they decide if planting is a hobby for them, without first having to commit the time and money to a more permanent structure.

As you can see, there are enough options available in portable carports to offer a little something to anybody.