Ideas for Using Spruce Trees in Your Landscape

Need some ideas for using Spruce Trees in your landscape? A very novel one is to use Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees to create privacy by planting them close together like a beautiful blue barricade in place of a fence. Aside from enjoying their beauty all year long, these lush green trees look majestic when covered with snow in winter. Another advantage is that you won't have to rake up their leaves in fall, and their blue-green, year-long foliage is always pleasing to the eye. Aside from providing privacy, Spruce trees can be essential in your landscaping for providing protection from the wind and shade for your home in the hotter climate zones. An excellent idea for planting Spruce trees is to plant a single Blue Spruce in a prominent area in the front of your house. This tree can then be decorated with Christmas lighting for your very own outdoor Christmas Tree.

Advantages of Dwarf Trees

One of the most overlooked considerations for planting Spruce trees, and equally one of the biggest nightmares for homeowners, is that trees grow very, very big. What seemed like a small sapling when planted, can grow up to between 30' to 60" and dwarf its surroundings. Large trees take nutrients from other plants and can grow to become a hazard to a home. They can spread out from 10' to 20'. A solution to this problem is to learn about the tree and it's growth limits, and plant it with these factors in mind. A simpler solution is to plant a dwarf Spruce tree. Dwarf trees will add greenery closer to your home, do not need as much water or nutrients as their larger cousins and are easier to maintain and prune. Another important consideration would be the locations of your trees, your home and driveway and the spacing between these. Think carefully about planting your trees where they will not look too crowded, yet a good distance away from interfering with structures and cars. When doing your planning, keep in mind that most Spruce trees can be planted in either full sun or partial shade, as long as the soil is moist and fertile.

General Ideas and Facts

Although Spruce trees are generally more expensive than similar trees in shape and size, their year-round beauty and longevity make them worth the extra cost. Not only are these trees resistant to drought, they are a rapidly growing tree and provide excellent backgrounds in gardens. Ornamental in nature, they are very hardy and add a wonderful touch of the outdoors in any garden. Spruce trees have a wonderful fragrance and their pyramidal structure add interest and accent to gardens. Regardless of what ideas and concepts you have for landscaping, planning and drawing your plans before purchasing your trees will save you time and money in the long run. A good drawing or sketch of where you plan to plant your trees and consideration of spacing requirements will aid immensely in getting the desired results you want for your garden.