Identifying All the Different Oil Furnace Parts

There are only a few main oil furnace parts that make up the body of your heating furnace and many are easily located and replaceable in those times when they may need maintenance. The furnace is made up of only a few main components that work together in harmony to heat and circulate the air through out the home.

Safety Fan and High Temperature Controller

Among the more important of your oil furnace parts is the safety fan and the temperature controller, as they monitor the internal temperatures that are coming from your combustion chamber. The temperature controller gauges the inside core temperature of the fire chamber, and is then able to increase or decrease the heat output. These can burn out over time and will need to be replaced, this can be detected if the heat in the furnace does not stay at a steady running temperature and constantly is turning on and off.

Heat Exchanger

Another of your oil furnace parts is the heat exchanger that is the outer casing designed to transfer heat into the air chamber where it can be sent throughout your home. This chambers air is pushed through a shaft to the blower and blower fan assembly where it is then sent into the home through the air ducts.

Oil Burner Assembly

There are many smaller oil furnace parts that make up the burner assembly including the fuel intake and pilot. The main function of this device is to light and heat the actual combustion chamber so that it can heat the air outside through the heat exchange. This is the main part of a furnace that needs regular cleaning to prevent clogging of the fire chamber and pilot lines, which would prevent the furnace from running properly.

Air Filter

The air filter is interchangeable for easy replacement during yearly or even monthly maintenance. This part of your furnace helps to clean the air as it is pulled into the unit. The amount that your other oil furnace parts work can depend on the health of the air filter, as a clogged filter can cause the furnace to run harder. There are many different types of air filters available for your furnace when you go to replace it, just be sure to get the correct size.

Flue and Combustion Gas Exhaust

The flue helps in the air cycle of the furnace by allowing you to regulate how much air is permitted to go into the furnace, while the gas exhaust allows ventilation of the unit. The life of your oil furnace parts relies on smooth operation, and the ventilation and air circulation of the system is an important function of your furnaces health.

Blower Motor and Assembly

Our favorite of the oil furnace parts would be the blower and blower assembly that takes the heated air from the heat exchange and blows it through the ducts into our home. Over time the motor in the blower can go out and need to be replaced, or on older units it could simply be a belt. The technology in these types of home heating devices has evolved greatly over the last 50 years, making them more cost efficient.