Identifying Speedwell Lawn Weed

Speedwell is a nasty lawn weed that can completely take over your grass in a few years unless measures are taken to identify and eliminate it. Also known as Veronica filiformis, speedwell weed is a perennial creeping weed and once firmly established in your lawn is difficult to control.

Here is how to identify Speedwell lawn weed:

  • First confirm that the plant is actually a weed. A foreign plant growing in tuftgrass is a weed especially if it is growing where it is not supposed to be. Speedwell can attack flowerbeds and fruit or vegetable patches. Make sure there is no new strange-looking plant there.
  • Speedwell weed likes moist shady places with acidic soil.
  • Speedwell weed is a low-growing creeping weed that only reaches 4 inches in height but in no time can cover the whole lawn.
  • Speedwell weeds produce small bluish green flowers at the end of the stalks. The tiny leaves—barely ¼ inch long—are bright green with scalloped edges.
  • Speedwell weeds have a very fibrous root system. It is a good idea to examine the root and confirm your suspicions so that you adopt proper ways to get rid of the weed. If action is not taken on time, this weed can completely take over your lawn extending its roots deep into the soil.