Identifying the Different Types of Impatiens

Impatiens have become one of the most popular plants for your flowerbed. While most of us can easily recognize bedding impatiens, 3 other types of impatiens grow just as easily and can add sparkle to your garden. Learn more about the different types of impatiens below.

Jewelweed Impatiens

These flowers grow up to 5 feet tall in the wild near beds of stinging nettles. The thick sap in the stems soothes nettleweed irritation. Jewelweed impatiens have either orange or yellow flowers that sparkle like sequins in sunshine. They grow best in partial shade and damp soils.

Balsamina Impatiens

Balsamina, or garden balsam impatiens, was once highly sought-after. Its flowers grow in clusters up stems that can reach 30 inches high, with narrow bladelike leaves. It can be started indoors or grown from seed.

Bedding Impatiens

Super Elfin impatiens and other bedding varieties grow fast and mass beautifully, stifling weeds in the garden. These impatiens prefer partial shade and plenty of water in hot weather.

New Guinea (Sun) Impatiens

With multicolored leaves and strongly colored flowers, the New Guinea impatiens grows best in containers, and prefers a few hours of full sunlight daily. Grow it in the eastern or southeastern part of your garden.