IKEA Made a Tiny House!

IKEA tiny house on a trailer
  • 100 hours
  • Advanced
  • 50,000

IKEA, the Swedish Company famous for its DIY-friendly furniture and flat-pack approach, recently began offering a ready-made housing solution using sustainable materials. Their version of a tiny house adapts to any climate or location, providing an affordable option for people looking to build a home or explore living off the grid.

Renowned for its ‘hygge’ or cozy lifestyle, IKEA provides just that with this pre-fab housing solution. Simple yet stylish, the design makes excellent use of its small footprint, combining Nordic charm with pragmatic functionality.

You can only buy IKEA's new 187 square foot abode through their production partner, the Escape Traveller Company, a tiny home and RV builder based in Wisconsin. Escape offers an IKEA Boho XL Model starting at $47,500, with personal customization available at an additional cost.

tiny house on a trailer

The base of the tiny home sits on a flatbed trailer for easy transport. If mobile life appeals to you, you can literally take this home anywhere. The house is comfortable if cozy, offering the conveniences of modern living, just on a smaller scale.

The house includes energy-saving solutions like solar panels, and large windows to cut power costs are and features efficient plumbing solutions such as composting toilets. These smart features help the structure achieve a smaller carbon footprint than traditional houses and keep utility expenses to a minimum.

tiny house interior with wood paneling

IKEA cleverly repurposes commonly underused areas for storage, making use of every nook and cranny. It also maintains a feeling of openness with modular features, like tables that fold into the walls when not in use.

The layout is simple—one area or room flows into another with very few partitions. The bedroom leads into the living room, then into the kitchen and bathroom, with furniture elements playing the roles of dividers between the spaces.

tiny house with wooden walls and bed

Tiny houses like these make the most sense for those who want to scale down on possessions and live more simply. Comfort is still a key element of this kind of housing, but adapting to homes like these is definitely a big change from living in larger spaces, and it’s not necessarily for everyone.

tiny house interior with long couch

Flexible homes offer big benefits, though, especially for people who like to move around, relocating their home to the scenic vistas of their choice, or for those interested in living off-grid, away from the hustle and bustle of communities.

tiny house interior with wooden table

Maybe best of all, affordable pre-fab housing offers an alternative to the burden of a large mortgage, which can impose financial limitations and become a source of stress. Fifty thousand bucks isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s much lower than the average home price in most areas of the U.S.

tiny house with wood siding

Overall, the IKEA tiny house is a compelling entry in a growing field, including a range of tiny homes available from sites like Amazon. The house is light and airy, and you can easily imagine adding personal touches to it over time.

For example, you could make it a little homier by painting or varnishing the light blond wood or adding features such as curtains, rugs, or plants. Despite the small space, this house offers exciting options. We hope to see IKEA explore this world further in years to come.

You can take a virtual tour of the house here.