Illuminating Your Water Feature

Lighting up your water garden at dusk and at night is a beautiful and interesting way to further the enjoyment of your water feature. It creates a feel from your water garden that you just can’t get during the daytime. Plants, fish and rock take on a whole new life when properly illuminated at night. Imagine sitting on your deck or patio in the evening, listening to the trickle of water from your fountain or waterfall and also being able to see it in a whole new light!

There are many different ways of accomplishing the ambiance you want to generate for your night time viewing pleasure. Placing a spotlight at ground level can cast a reflective glow across the surface of the water and can draw your attention to a particularly beautiful plant you may have within your feature. It also is a great way to showcase a small, bubbling type fountain that only projects a few inches above the water’s surface. Try to choose a light that has a neutral colored casing (not white or shiny metal) so as to hide it’s location during the day. Another way to conceal it is to use plants or stones around it without getting in the way of the light’s path of illumination. Spotlights are also a great way to showcase a waterfall or cascade. Place the spotlight behind the feature for the best effect. Using a colored light also shows well in this type of feature.

Another favorite way to illuminate a pond or fountain is to use underwater lighting. The effect it creates can be soothing or dramatic, depending on your preference and what type of feature you have. A fountain that spurts high into the air is dramatic already and when it is lit up with a colored underwater light, it can be breathtaking to see. Make sure the light is pointing up into the spray for the best effect. Lighting your pond from under water is also a great way to see the fish you may have and also to give you a different view of your plant life. Just make sure you don’t light the entire pond so that the fish are not disturbed. You can use a fixed position for your light or use floating lights to give a more casual feel that is unpredictable. Some under water lighting kits come in combination with a fountain and pump and the lights can be either fixed or floating.

No matter what form of lighting you choose, keep in mind a few things. Indirect light is more preferable over direct because it creates reflections like a mirror, making your ornaments, plants and rocks shimmer. When choosing colored lenses it is best to limit the number of different colors you use. In general, white gives the best effects. Low-voltage lights are more popular because they cast a more natural glow. However, to have more intense lighting, halogen lights work great and use the same amount of watts. Lighting up pathways with candles in wind proof casings or with strategically hidden spotlights puts the finishing touch to enjoying your water garden at all hours of the day.