Implementing Glass Fittings in Sliding Cabinet Doors

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It is not very difficult to put in glass fittings whenever you are dealing with sliding cabinet doors. Many people enjoy the look of this and think that it will add a modern look to their kitchen. This is not a very difficult task and is something that you will be able to do with some work and some time as long as you have the right materials and know-how.

Measure Area

The first thing that you are going to have to do is get the area measured properly. Measure out a 4x6 back piece for your cabinet. You will do this on one of your pieces of plywood. Use your circular saw to cut out what you have measured. You will then need to get two 1x4 pieces of plywood cut. This will be for the top and bottom pieces of your cabinet. For the sides of the cabinet, cut 2 plywood pieces that are going to be 1x5 and 10 1/2 inches.

Cut Out Shelves

You will now need to figure out how many shelves you want inside your cabinet. This is something that will depend on what it is that you want. Most people will go with 2 to 3 shelves so that they will still have space to put things on top of the shelves. The shelves will need to be 11x3 and 10 ½ inches.

Sand Edges and Cut Glass

Get the rough edges sanded off and with the help of your sander. You will then need to apply your stain and give it time to dry before you do anything else with it. You will then be ready to get the glass cut. The glass will need to be cut 1/4 inch thick for your doors. The doors will need to be about 2 feet wide and 5 feet and 10 ¼ inches tall. Make sure that all of the edges have been finished and are smooth before you begin to work with them.

Cabinet Assembly

You are now ready to get the 4x6 foot outer frame constructed for your cabinet. Make sure that you lay your two 4-foot pieces onto the edge and that they are parallel to each other. They should also be about 6 feet from one another. Put in the side pieces in between and set one on either side. This will finish up the frame. You will then need to get 4 screws driven along each of the ends along the top as well as the bottom and in the sides.

Finish Up

Line up your back piece over your frame and drive in a screw every 6 inches. Get the finished portion stood up on the side and install your shelves. Drive in 3 screws on all of the sides and on the ends of your shelf.