Importance of Cleaning the Dryer Vent Lint Trap

dryer lint and clothing inside a dryer
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A clean dryer vent lint trap is so important because not only does it lead to greater efficiency in your dryer but will also prevent any kind of fire hazard in your home.

1. Lower Efficiency

When there is an accumulation of lint, the dryer has to work much harder than usual, and eventually is working much harder than it was made to work. As you may imagine, this also causes the dryer to function less efficiently. It takes longer for clothing to dry, and the dryer heats up to a higher temperature.

2. Fire Hazard

The buildup of lint in your dryer lint trap and your dryer vent hose is a common fire hazard in your home. In fact, firefighters say the most common type of house fires they fight are dryer fires caused by lint buildup. While shorts and high load on the electrical components cause some of the dryer fires, the underlying cause of these problems is a build up of lint in the dryer, especially in the vent and the lint trap.

3. How You Can Clean the Vent Trap

It is generally very easy to remove the lint trap and remove lint. Empty the lint from your trap after each load. Every month or two, you should thoroughly clean it by using a soft brush and dish soap, especially if you use fabric softener sheets. These sheets can completely close up the mesh in the lint trap.