Importance of Lawn Mower Covers

Many owners of lawn mowers often make the mistake of neglecting to purchase lawn mower covers. The importance of lawn mower covers should not be ignored if you want to protect your lawn mover. The information below will share with you several reasons why lawn mower covers are an essential accessory to maintaining the life of your lawn mower.

Prevents Rust

One of the biggest issues you will have with a lawn mower is that it can rust. The exterior metal components are most likely to rust first, followed by the internal parts. Even the blade can rust over time. Lawn mower covers are the first defense against rust becoming an issue with your lawn mower. If you have to store the lawn mower outside, the cover will protect it from rain and direct contact with moisture.

Debris Blowback

There are lawn mower covers that just attach to the top of the lawn mower. These covers are stock on most lawn mowers and cover the engine compartment. If your lawn mower does not have one, you should get one because as you mow the lawn, the blades can kick up debris like rocks and twigs. Without this type of cover, the debris can find its way from under the lawn mower, through the engine area, and then directly toward you.

Engine Clogging

During times of storms and change of seasons, there will come chances for wet leaves and small twigs to find their way inside the compartment of the engine. This can cause the engine to stall or not even start. Lawn mower covers will prevent any foreign bodies from getting trapped inside the engine, preventing costly repairs or replacement.

Small Animals

This is something most people do not even bother to think of because it seems very unlikely, but it does happen, and lawn mower covers will prevent it. Essentially, small animals like squirrels and mice like to crawl under and into small places. Once they are inside, they will gnaw and chew at the wires they find. This will not necessarily harm the animals, but it will damage the lawn mower.


The wires inside the lawn mower are covered with basic rubber to protect them from debris and moisture. If the lawn mower is left outside in the elements, the rubber will expand and shrink with the cool and warm air. They will constantly be wet then dry out. When this happens, the rubber will begin to lose its elasticity and will dry out and crack, which exposes the wires. Lawn mower covers will help to protect the wires inside the lawn mower from going through this process.

Cleanliness and Tidiness

A lawn mower sitting outside is often considered an eyesore by homeowners as well as neighbors. A lawn mower covered in grass and dirt and left to rust is never a pleasant sight for anyone. Sometimes, you don't have a choice if you don't have a shed, carport or outside room for the lawn mower. Lawn mower covers can solve this problem by making the lawn mower look more presentable.