Importance of Planning in the Project Process

Without the planning process, there is no way to ensure that building project will be in accordance with established plans. The project planning process requires a meeting of the various players involved in the building of a home. This includes the home owner, designer or architect and home builder. This may also include local building inspectors and a banker. The planning process involves that all parties work together, as a result all parties will have a vested interest in the project’s successful completion.

We will need to understand the importance of the interests of the parties that should be involved in the planning process. Starting with the home owner, we also need to discuss the interests of the design and/or architect and the home builder. By understanding the outcomes and interests of each party in the planning process, we can better understand how the building process is approached to meet the needs of everybody, especially the home owner.

Home Owner’s Interest in Project Process

The home owner’s interest in the project planning process stems from his or her desire to see the home built. The home owner has a desire to take occupancy of the home at some future date. To do so, the home owner participates in the planning process to ensure that schedules are set in order to build the home on time. The home owner uses the information in the planning process to determine the length of time needed to set up and pay for temporary housing arrangements as well as schedule the purchase of furniture and other necessities.

Designer and Architect’s Interest in Project Process

The designer and architect needs to establish certain timelines for the building of the home. These schedules are set forth in the project process and agreed upon with the homeowner. The architect’s plans incorporates the timeline for the project into the design plans in order to help the home owner and builder meet their deadlines. If the planning process does not take place, there is no way to determine the best approaches for incorporating the design elements that are envisioned in the plans.

Home Builder’s Interest in Project Process

The home builder ultimately benefits from the project planning process. The project planning process helps the builder determine the expectations for the completion of the home’s construction within the design elements that are set forth in the design. The builder is dependent on the project planning process to schedule subcontractors and determine when different aspects of the home’s construction will be accomplished.

No home building project can be successful without the discussions that need to take place in order to properly plan how the home will be built. By engaging in a planning process and including input from all of the parties the home building will be successful. The project planning process is an important part of the building process that must be incorporated.