Importance of Selecting the Correct Bolt Size

When you are ready to fasten your projects together, you need to make sure that you have the right bolt size for your screws. Bolts come in a number of different sizes, and are designed to fit the ends of screws, known as 'threads'. These threads are made in different sizes, and choosing the wrong type of bolt size can make your project unstable, or even cause it to collapse.

Too Loose a Bolt

When you are choosing your bolt size, it is important to find a bolt that is not too large. Bolts which are larger than the threads that they are being secured to will not fit properly, and will usually end up being too loose for your screw. With this incorrect fitting, you may find that you regularly have to tighten the screws between each use of the project, which can make your piece totally useless.

 Too Tight a Bolt

Similarly, if you choose too tight a bolt for your thread, you may find that the bolt will not go on at all. The bolt could simply be too small for the screw, and will only pass the pointed end before coming to a halt. Trying to squeeze the bolt on further can cause the screw to split.